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4553 Grand Blvd Suite 204 New Port Richey, Fl 34652
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IR Reflective Coating Offers Advanced Infrared Technology For Cooler Interiors

Reflecting solar rays reduce surface temperature and help lower heat gain. IR Reflective Coating integrates proven concrete and masonry protection with advanced infrared technology that reflects solar rays back into the atmosphere. The result is lower exterior surface temperatures, less heat gain, reduced building energy consumption, cooler interior temperatures and increased occupant comfort – with an attractive appearance that withstands the elements. It’s ideal for homes in hot, sunny regions such as Florida. The product can have a positive impact on a building by reducing environmental demands.

IR-Reflective Pigment Coatings

Infrared (IR) reflective pigment technology in coatings were first used more than 30 years ago, although full commercialization has only been quite recent. The technology and entry costs are relatively lower now than in the past, but the manufacturing process and quality control remains specialized within the scope of only a small number of manufacturers.

Combining the IR reflective pigmentation with the performance of current polymer coatings technology can produce a long-lasting coating offering significant energy-saving potential along with numerous other benefits. The higher solar reflectance increases the coating lifecycle by reducing thermal expansion and contraction of the substrate. The cooler surface temperature reduces polymer degradation within the paint film; reduced energy demand carries the obvious economic and environmental advantages. Additionally, they also make a positive contribution toward the reduction of the urban heat island effect.

The primary purpose of IR-reflective coatings is to keep objects cooler than they would be using standard pigments. These coatings can reduce the heat penetrating the building though the roof and exterior walls, lowering the load on the air-conditioning system and thereby increasing a building’s energy efficiency.

Energy Management Systems combines outstanding high-build performance and innovative solar reflective technology, which makes us the ideal company for your next exterior painting project.

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